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She was as woman we hardly see walking by the lobby. With her high-heeled leather shoes, head slightly bent sideways just to emphasize her straight hippie hair, we cannot help but notice the features of a true bloom Dumalagnon. And when you take few steps leading to her pallid office garnished with pure and green curtains, she’ll be sitting there with a cheerful look at you. Then lowering back her head, ones attention could as well gaze at her usual mannerism, fond of writing on a piece of paper as if somebody who loves improving her one and only signature, a unique identity of none other than Dr. Perry.



            Dr. Peregrina P. Franco was a graduate of a Degree Major in Psychology and Guidance Counselling at Collegio de la Purisima Concepcion (CPC) in the year 2004. She took up her PhD. Scholarship carrying a year residency at the said school. She had surpassed her Master’s Degree major in Administration and Supervision on the same school while she was having her practice teaching in High School, Kindergarten and Elementary. She also acquired her Bachelor of Arts major in English and minor in History at Central Philippine University (CPU) ye, personally rejecting the Theology subjects. Since it is a strenuous activity for her part to study on regular days two thick references the whole night until 3:00am.


Dr. Peregrina P. Franco was indeed a hardworking dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Hence, many students and other strangers tend to utter comments on her age. Yet, apart from those concealed humiliations one might definitely failed to notice how hardworking, intelligent and benevolent lady was possessed by her real nature. At a young age, Perry’s father was proclaimed deceased due to a certain incident. Thereby, she was forced to halt her elementary years and remain contented of attaining an education from grades one to four at Dumalag Central School. The young girl needs to endure that kind of disaster and spent the rest of her hours attending to here one year old brother at home.


She was a daughter of a workaholic couples, Mr. Fernando and Mrs. Dolores Franco. Her father was once a skillful school bus driver at Astoria Sugar Central while her mother takes good care of their piece of ricefield and sugarcanes. They were seven in the family. Two of her older brothers had finished their third year in High School, one middle sister who suddenly passed away and the eldest who stopped her last years in Secondary level and decided to pursue his father’s profession as a steadfast driver. Perry was the fifth born child among the family and at an early age, the rest of her siblings were nursed according to her care. However, her six years void of necessity for education was not consumed unto waste. Since their family was known of a unique gift, she enrolled her potential on dressmaking at Miraflor Fashion Academy in Iloilo City. She had driven a brilliant profession; she could make four maximum garments a day and earned more than what she had expected. But the praises does not end there, she was so proud of herself to get a chance of teaching young people at a place called Amaga wherein, she was recognized as the First President of Capiz Provincial Baptist Youth Federation Union. Probably those she had attained at a younger age paved the means for her to pursue her fifth and six years in the barrio at Duran Elementary School. That was how exciting and fun her six years of stay out of school during her primary level days.



            Due to her determination and perseverance, she was granted a four year scholarship in High School at Filamer Christian College in the year 1962. It was a big deal of convenient for her since she does not need to work hard to gain an amount for her needs in school. The Php 100.00 was a very convenient treat for her tuition fee which covers Php. 80.00 and the remaining Php 20.00 for her book allowance.


            Her motivation as a privilege woman was strong enough to resist what she calls an amiable feeling. She was more decisive to choose a man who can be more intelligible than she was. Perhaps, this was a great technique of Dr. Franco to stay single and available until now, after 64 years of service and success.


            Behind all the laughs and comments to her, for seventeen years many could evoke her benevolence as a Guidance Couselor. While her summer years was spent for her educational units at Capiz Colleges, still her position never became a hindrance to offer any assistance she could unto several students, relatives and neighbors for several chances of having a good education. Now many of those guarantees do became professionals of the present era.


            On the other hand, speaking of her unforgettable memories in her College days. She would boast to say she had never been asked to pick out Amorseco leaves, polish the surroundings nor scrub those disgusting odor and wastes of selected comfort rooms. That was her price of being a consistent early bird in school. Another thing she emphasized was the achievements of their batch. They were the ones who sponsored the Avenue gate of our Alma Mater and even the first songbirds who sung its signature theme, The Halls of Filamer.


            But if one will ask her seriously if this was what she ought to be in the past, she would absolutely answer without any means of deceptions, a triple NO’s on once face. “Wala gid ko ya magbinag-binag nga mangin dean ako. Gusto ko ya sadto social worker o kun mag-missionera ako,” she sighed. But later when she was about to Graduate in High School, she announced her second No to the one she calls “Dad”, the late Pres. Agustin E. Masa. “Hindi ko ya sang guidance counselling Dad ah, gusto ko ya nga mangin Dean gid ako.” And when the opportunity calls her to be the year 2k CAS Dean, still she cried for a week ignoring those wet clothes she worn. “Naghilibiun gid ako ya sa sulod sang isa ka semana, daw sa wala lang sa akon pay gabalalasa lang akon bayo ah. Siling ko, indi ko ya mag-dean si Ma’am Vito nalang bala.” But then the Lord and opportunity did not free her from her third and last “NO”.


            After a petition made for the previous Dean, she was made to stand for the position due to fear of being accused of insubordination. One could say she is an amiable Dean who takes good care of not only her office but ofcourse the welfare of her faculty members. She made the workforce firm and competent of their so called Compensation Position Schemes (CPS). This regards to the field of their inductive salaries and probable position enhancement. This was a very effective contribution to her first and ever successful CHED Accreditation on each Department which was held two months after she was proclaimed Dean last October 1945. Aside from the Compensation Position Schemes (CPS), were the people who motivated the woman behind the achievements. This involves God, her supportive family, her so called “Dad” (the late President Agustin E. Masa), and her professors who nurtured the knowledge which God bestowed upon her and one of them was Engineer Bernavez. He was known to be the mentor of free mathematics tutorial at what we see now as the present Roblee Hall, obviously different from the past built-in classroom. Dr. Franco was as well grateful to the previous High School Principal Mrs. Abanco, together with Ms. Secretary Ocumas for their kind-hearted offer of an office to work for the papers in contribution to the first upcoming accreditation, though she had never expected to arrive so early as her deanship promotion. And ofcourse her suitors that tickled her heart with those mesmerizing love tapes originally made that served as a unique courtship style during their time as according to Dr. Franco.


            The clock’s now ticking, the bells now ringing and the teachers are now taking steps totally ready for a new class discussion. It was already 2:20pm when everyone noticed that it was about time to leave a jaunt yet very earnestly whim conversation though both still craves to dig the ground deeper. After further pictures sharing and those revealing memories, one last striking question almost sipped the boiling pot. The final words of a benevolent, one of a kind Dean goes like a sturdy torch one can barely ignore such eternal flame of virtue and truth. “Magpakabuot kamo kag magplano sang bwas damlag. Because, Liberal Arts was not just a preparation for skill but it is a modification for transforming a person’s maturity.” This was a means of enlightenment and realization for us, AB students, that our life, experiences, struggles and pains in this kind of environment isn’t just a preparatory stage nor a simple trial and error joke. Thus, it should never be treated as a filthy hanky we can just throw away every time we are not in the mood to pick it up and clean up our own mess anymore. It is a matter of value and pride of who we are with and where we are now because who knows it is they that will mold us to what we will be in the future. 



















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The Filamer Association of Majors in English (FAME) of College of Arts and Sciences launched an income-generating seminar participated by twenty-seven filamerians from different departments last Thursday, March 17, 2009 at Lab. D of Computer Science Department featuring Blogging Insights.default5-copy3 One Computer Science, two Nursing students, three Accountancy studz, and the rest that came from Arts and Sciences Department benefited from a rare yet a noteworthy kind of seminar. The event was headed by Ms. Ferlie F. Soquino, the adviser of the said organization, together with its FAME President, Ms. Jean Nicole Asombrado. Other co-members assisted to make the seminar toward its successful objective. Internet access was organized for each participant to comprehensively relate on the aimed topic.

            New innovations of blogs were especially participated by two of the most veteran personas of the field, sario_rMr. Rommel B. Sario, Dean of College of Computer Science, and Ms. Shiella May O. Baes, famous for her library scandal and one of those progressive products of Filamer Christian College. Mr. Sario started to engage in the field of blogs August last year and and his plan to create his own network really made a great contribution to his main goal. His pagerank reached level four last October as he was fond of making updates of the said blog yet (starting December) as months go by, the level tends to disintegrate. And what does that imply?…this means the higher the pagerank, the more dollars one could attain because it corresponds to the blog value.(

            Ms. Baes, on the other hand, experienced a different thing when she began to enter the business right after she graduated. She had grabbed the opportunity of earning an amount for internet resources eventhough she does not have any practical job at hand. And just on time, she found what she was looking for. However in her case, she failed to make updates on her first ever blog masterpiece and eventually she found out that it was vanished yet she’s too late to make a move. That is how the world of blogging really motivates and interests her to make further advancements the following six years. She got even more determined to join the contest and had the first ever touched of dollars right on her bare hands. According to Ms. Baes she won because of its number. This only implies that the several number of blogs one could write, the higher the value of amount one could also attain. (

            However, making a one of a kind blog has several restrictions based on our speakers. Blogging faqs includes: 1.)one should not make a crowded article instead a beginner must use simple pictures because  the cost it hard to load and the harder it gets, the longer it will be received by the client contrary to the deadline of agreement; 2.)one should  be familiar with the client and choose a very secure means of payment;  3.) one way to earn is to google for feedbacks, increase links or traffics, and tags provided it  must not implement any redundancy since if a certain user fails to acquire more cautions then the google network will “block” his/her account. Thus, one would be force to make new ones enduring the pains of a useless hardship; 4.) avoid detractors if possible, google networks are vigilant enough to track ones footprint; 5.)and another thing is one must be very careful on copyrights since everyone in the network might be bound for a specific company or client, might as well recognize the source or face the proprietor in court.  

            The said speakers highly-acknowledged the importance of a specific blog in reality. Mr. Sario and Ms. Baes pointed out that a blog serves as a low cost and free of charge online portfolio for applying  job and for personal branding purposes. because of its further advantages: easy to create, available to all, has glass roots, is a search-friendly icon and one that also serves as a hope for the jobless crowd because it’s the best way of making money online. Ms. Baes also quoted it is one of the easiest ways to gain exposure and power and to meet friends of the same expertise. The said speaker once met a friend from manila who got impressed with her blog and later she was introduced to a Pakistani client which at present is one of those who purchased her an amount for her blogs.

            According to Mr. Sario a blog is one way that lets you improve your journalism skills and even professors utilize these for their course and classrooms, provided, important tips needs to be applied. Simplicity, uniqueness, timely-articles, and most of all a naturally, relevant links makes a quality masterpiece in the end. But Ms. Baes merely projects that it is also crucial for a beginner to educate oneself via net, have an efficient and wise usage of google, one must become more resourceful as a blogger, do apply learnings out of faults, gain the necessity of reviewing the article would absolutely help and most of all blog with professionalism. Remember, Mr. Sario said: “Write well, Clarity is the key.”


The seminar-workshop took almost three hours andaf a half from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. Afterwards, several participants were free to ask clarifications and exchange ideas with the speaker. The blog features, styles, blog meters, search engine optimizations, stages toward its proudly-made compositions, and advisable websites which showcases opportunities had indeed became an eye opener for young starters. For only fifty pesos, each participants were served with snacks, rendered with certificates and exclusive awareness time cannot replace hence, in time, can be used as an aid for future endeavors. If one can remember, this  has been the second seminar-workshop launched by the sponsored organization. And compared to the Newswriting Seminar-Workshop held last 2007 at the Audio Visual Conference Center, it has also dealt a great success. Now the organization continues to procure much more glory from the Lord and as an incomparable gratitude this seminar was conducted. All of the members including its adviser Ms. Soquino prays that this organization will prolong and will subdue its aspirations for the benefit of its fellowmen.

According to Ms. Baez a relevant source under the name of Mr. Jake Luciani pointed better days for a blog to release. Tuesdays to Fridays from2308200816071 10am-2pm, are best suited for aspirants yet Saturday and Sundays are worst days ever. So let’s not wait for the word “too late”, do grab a penny and direct oneself to the net and start a registration to a professional website: but take note, it is much crucial to use a keyword visible for your title, article, and most of all ones email address.





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            The Filamer Association of Majors in English (FAME) coalesced among the 900 and more local and internationally acclaimed delegates of the first ever Philippine International English Language Conference and Networking held last January 31-February 1, 2009. The event was organized by the British hmmm1Council of the Philippines as directed by Mr. Andrew Picken in cooperation with their consulting partners: Ateneo Center for English Language (ACELT), De La Salle University, Universtiy of the Philippines and University of Santo Tomas. The plenary had focused on the four main strands: Language Teaching and Curriculum Development, Varieties of English, New Technologies in English Language Teaching and, English in the Workplace.


The British Council Teachers’ Club paved the way for the six Arts and Sciences students (Nicole Ledesma-Asombrado, Jonabelle  De la Cruz, Dulce Kristina Morales and Jeru Denaga who will finish their studies this March 2009. The other two are Don Sasu and Cel Shama Cabarles, all AB sophomores) into which the Adviser, Ms. Ferlie F. Soquino was a guaranteed member.



            Beginning with the first few steps they had at the SMX Building in Pasay City, Philippines, everyone thought this was just a typically boring seminar that awaits one another. And when asked by the coordinator to fall in line, each eyes looked straight into the organizer and both ears surprised. All of which were professionals speaking internationally the English Language, and probably it is a bite of an amazingly different adventure and a bit of challenge on our part.


             The invited speakers were big time professionals:


David Nunan
Chair and Professor of Applied LInguistics and
Director of the English Centre at the University of Hongkong

 “From the Classroom to the Workplace: Trends and Issues in Language Course Design”


Kingsley Bolton
Professor of English Linguistics at Stockholm University

” World Englishes: Implications for Language Learning and Language Teaching”


Gavin Dudeney
Has worked in education since 1988 as a teacher, materials developer, IT manager and web/user interface designer.

“Trends in Using Technology in the Language Classroom: Implications for Teachers and Trainers of English”


Jane Lockwood
Head of the Language Centre at the Hong Kong Institute of Education

“English in the BPO: Issues and and Challenges”


Each was meant to offer exiting opportunities for EILTS professionals and students to share and discuss ideas. As soon as the six Filamerian students and one respected adviser started to push the steel door each can shout deep  inside ones soul, “Wow!” An extremely huge spacious room loaded with more than a hundred chairs and several tables arranged in three rows for all delegates.


            While finding their seats, David Nunan 1_934857286l3warmed up the crowd with a brilliant speech of his own. He is a jolly yet straight to the point speaker. He was used to in elaborating ideas on the language approaches, types of data’s and his magnificent TBLT Framework. And one thing is for sure, he got highly-unique experiences to tell that the Mastery of a Teacher comes for a Mastery of Students. The tall sturdy man al so specified procedures like a step by step carrying of word analysis then  a1acquisition of students can be reaped by specifying learning goals and objectives, creation of practical tasks to enhance those things so each can be able to develop and integrate enabling skills.


            This was not all but true, it was later that everyone realized after the Madame Master of Ceremony announced that aside from the enormous hall, there were still eight additional function rooms left. These structures were small yet enough space was built for focus on the private speakers carrying each individual topics. One example was Ms, Caroline Meck, who emphasized the importance and ways on how to make technological innovations like internet that must be adaptable for accessing English topics on students learning points. Yet aside from a formal, delicious lunch and desserts, one speaker showed us the real highlight of the said event.


            She was a petite lady in white hav ing a dark black chaleco, a true bloom Thomasites. And no one must underestimate her stature because by all means, she is a young looking professor at present. Upon lending ones ears to her, one can say of no doubt that Filipino speakers are much more interesting to hear for they got this crispiness of ideas that tighten ones concentration and fd2deepen ones brainstorming skills. She was known as Miss Jansen Mayor. At a large plenary hall, she discussed to the crowd wide varieties of English including the Myths and Fallaces, Linguicism, popular culture and its pedagogical implications. Her videos were the funniest yet appealing statements. The speakers of English had different attitudes towards grasping a specific culture of the International Language like Manny Pacqiuao but then he was never laughed out even once by his interviewees. Another one was a soldier for Iraq who freely delivered his own understanding and popular usage of words to which even a specific television Newscaster cannot understand what he meant. What is common among them is they know how to be particular with their usage of the language and its effectivity, and the non-verbal attitudes of delivery do count too. Ms. Jansen enlightened us with one statement, “In fact, what the use of your grammar if you can be barely understood by the one you’re having conversation with?”


             On the final day of our seminar, we have much fun with the big cute bears hoping back-2-rxas1we could win and take one home in the future. Aside from the loaded books and opportunities we have been updated from several internationally   acclaimed schools like in UK and the US embassy informations itself, the adventure of going to the famous Mall of Asia, Baywalk and the Hostel that showered boulevardus with much enjoyment. Some stayed with the relatives they haven’t seen for such longer years and that was also a gift time can never vanished. All of which, we owe m uch greater to the Divine Providence, and much to our ever affectionate adviser. But we all know this was not  yet an end, this February another seminar awaits another lucky opportunity for a bunch of participants. Who knows the internet too might give us another hint for such guarantees of a once in a lifetime experience one can never dare to forget….. though breath fails to subdue.









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